Yarrow & Sage

Austin's First Apothecary and Art Co-Op

Yarrow & Sage is a new cooperative storefront featuring local herbalists' and artists' handcrafted wares. The foundation of our co-op is very much DIY, with a focus on community-driven initiatives including classes and fundraisers. Members will be directly involved in the creation of the space; in an increasingly expensive city, it’s our aim to provide an affordable place for artisans to sell their work while engaging firsthand with their customers.

I will be apart of this Co-Op and will be reading in their awesome Tarot Trailer. I will be there twice a week on a rotation schedule. Please email or call for availability.

Store Address is

701 E.53rd Street and Martin.

Austin, Tx

Store Hours Are

Wends-Saturday 12-8

Sunday 10-6