Sanctuarium Tuum Temple

An inclusive, pagan-based space, open to people of all beliefs to hold free or donation based rituals, classes, and events, as well as offering support to our community.

The temple will be in Smithville Texas on one of the members private property. As we grow we hope to have satellite temples all over in different towns. Right now all things listed below will be held in and around Austin Texas until we can get the funds to start building.

Please be advised we are in the very beginning stages of this big project. If you would like to join in please follow us on Facebook.

Right now we are looking for pagan community members to be apart of the building process and join one of committees. Don't worry if you dont have the time to make the meetings just giving us your input is a big help. So stop on over at this group,   TSC Witches Community

If you have any questions, comments or ideas please feel free to fill out the form below and we will get back to you.

Check out the Announcements and join a committee its. that easy!

We have the following committees right now.

Sanctuarium Tuum Temple Committee
Learning Circle Committee
Night Out Committee
Sabbot/Moon Rituals Committee
Support Group Committee
Market/Fairs/Store Committee
Family Ideas/Children Involvement Committee
Class/Workshop Committee
Craft Night Committee
Pagan Outreach Committee
Healthy Living Committee