Death Doula Services

What is a Death Doula you ask? 

Basically its a person or persons who help the dying and the loved ones left behind make a better transition to the other side. We are taught to be afraid of death and that it is the final end, but it is not.   This is where I come in. I have been a gifted Medium since I was a child. I would hear voice and see shadows but I didn't understand what it was at that young age. I wasn't until I got older than I found a term to put to it and now I am fully open to that side.

I can see, talk and hear those that have passed and those that are stuck in between the worlds. I have been doing my Mediumship skills for over 10 year.  I have seen what happens to those that have crossed over and have even helped many human ghosts do just that.  I also understand why some get caught between the worlds and want to help those pass easily. When I heard about the term Death Doula I knew it was the next step for me.  Because I am a Medium I get to see them on both sides. Here and there.  Wouldn't it be nice to see me a friendly face once you realize  you have left this world. I am there for the family as well. Many people have come to me to talk to their loved passed ones and I help them with any unresolved issues. 

For the one that are going to make the transition I can answer any questions they will have and tell them what will happen once they start to leave this realm.  I am also connected to the Astral Level so I will make sure that their spirit guides, angel, and passed love ones know they are coming. I can be there to hold their hand as they pass and enter the next stage.  I will perform a small ritual or service to help their higher self return to the all. This is also helpful for those that are still here as the service prayers help lift the spirit up toward its destination.

I am in the process of getting paid packages together. If you are just interested in speaking to a passed love one please pick Mediumship under the Divination Box