Your Connection Between The Worlds
Your Connection Between The Worlds
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It is up to you to make an scheduled appointment with me. If you need to change that time you need to contact me ASAP. If you miss your appointment no refund will be given because I block that time out for you. You will have to repurchase a reading. I am located in the Central time zone so please remember that when your making an appointment. 

I am an intuitive Psychic Reader, who connects with the Spirit Realm to deliver insightful messages to aid you with your current life situation. I have been sharing my abilities with others through my card Readings and Mediumship for more than ten years. I am a natural medium who is honest and authentic and will deliver only the messages that are pertinent to you at that time. I am also able to connect with: deceased loved ones, angels, Spirit Guides, Spirit Totem Animals, Gods, Goddess and numerous other spiritual and multidimensional entities. I receive the messages through my innate psychic abilities such as: clairvoyance (visions), clairsentience (feelings), clairaudience (hearing), and remote viewing. I connect directly to those beings who have messages to share with you and will reveal personal facts and information so that you are confident that what you are experiencing is real. I have been on my spiritual journey for a lifetime and have studied numerous spiritual paths. Currently I identify as an Eclectic Pagan Witch.

My usual Tarot Reading is my own creation and are just for basic information. I do have different layouts that you can choose from if your looking for clarification on Love, Work ,Past Lives, Soul , Left/Right Side, or the energy for the Month. Check out each description to know what one you would like to choose. If you want to see a sample reading please check out my video page. 

With each reading you will get a plan of action if the cards say you need it. I will sit down with you and write out a plan for you to follow.