Tapping into the other side Class at Yarrow & Sage

TAPPING INTO THE OTHER SIDE by The Spirit Connection
Join professional psychic, medium, and tarot reader, Nikki Moniz, as she guides us on what being a medium is and how to open your third eye. Nikki will instruct students on how to release your fears about what you might see as well as what happens when you die. She will be discussing her experiences and how she's handled them. The class will perform a meditation to open your third eye to the human ghost realm.

- Notebook & Pen

Maximum Participants: 10 Students
Minimum Participants: 5 Students
[If minimum ticket sales are not met, the class may be canceled.]

Yarrow & Sage is an Apothecary & Arts Co-op located at 701 East 53rd St. Suite B [North Loop]


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