Spiral Scouts

I am happy to report we are moving forward with the Spiral Scouts program. I just received our packet and am now looking for Austin pagan families to join our Circle.  If you would like more information on what the program is please click  Spiral Scouts.  Then you can email me here or at thespiritconnection2014@gmail.com for more information.  We are in the beginning stages of this.

Ages and Program Levels

What age range are RainDrops?
RainDrops generally range from ages 3 to 5 (usually through Kindergarden).

What age range are FireFlies?
FireFlies generally range from ages 6 to 9 (usually through the 3rd grade).

What age range are SpiralScouts?
SpiralScouts generally range from ages 10 to 13 (from 4th through 7th grades, or from 4th grade until the child’s 13th birthday, depending on the Circle).

What age range are PathFinders?
PathFinders are generally aged 14 though 18 years.

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