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TSC Learning Circle!  I have decided to start a local magical group with a Facebook group to go along with it to help the community with learning magic just in a different kind of way.  NO books to read, NO requirements to join, NO need to show up every month.  THIS is not a COVEN it is place for like minded people to get together and learn from each other.  I will have some structure to it.  A opening blessing, a lesson, an activity and a closing blessing.  ALL paths welcome and encouraged to share what they know.  The main rule is to COEXIST!  Debating is OK without making it personal. If it becomes personal I will tell you to leave and you will not be welcomed back.

As humans we all have different experiences with how we learn and have learned magic. So having a group like this just made sense.  If you are not local you can follow along in the group. Here is the link to the group. 


Our first live meeting is an introduction to what the class will be and for me to get input on what you want to learn about. It will be held after hours at  Yarrow & Sage at 701 53rd street , Austin Texas cross streets are Airport and Martin.


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